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10 Tips for Staying Healthy on Vacation

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

1. Bring a Water Bottle

It may be hard to lug around if you’re packing light, so you can always buy a plastic one when you get to your destination and just refill it. This is such a simple yet impactful way to stay hydrated, more energized, and feel better throughout your trip.

2. Split Meals

Vacation usually means a lot of meals eaten out! Because restaurants typically pile on extra calories into meals and serve oversized portions, it’s healthier and cheaper to start splitting meals! Restaurants are a good place to refill your water bottle too :)

3. Explore where you’re at - go for a long walk!

What better way to take in a new scenery than to stroll along and slowly take it all in? Grab your vacation buddy and go check out the local scenery!

4. Eat Locally

My family typically travels to small towns when we vacation, so there’s always a farmer’s market nearby! This is a chance to try local foods and eat fresh produce! And sometimes a yummy baked treat. Wherever you are, try the local cuisine or find some markets to explore the fruits of the local land.

5. Water Sports

If you’re vacationing near a body of water or even a pool, there are so many great forms of exercise you can take advantage of - swimming, kayaking, paddle boarding, surfing, waterskiing, etc.

6. Choose dessert or drinks

This is a simple rule of thumb that helps prevent taking in excess calories on vacation. (I have failed terribly at this on my most recent vacation, but it’s been a great method on other trips.) For one day, choose whether you want an alcoholic drink(s) or dessert. When I have one or two drinks, I’m typically more likely to overindulge on desserts and am not as good at determining when I’m full. Plus the sugar from alcoholic drinks and dessert can be too much! So choose either for the day and enjoy!

7. Don’t restrict yourself

You’re on vacation! Kick back and enjoy yourself a little bit. This is a great time to relax and listen to your body’s needs. Sleep in, eat up, and do things that fill up your cup!

8. Get Creative

If your body needs a little exercise, then try something new to switch up your regular exercise routine! Try yoga or go for a bike ride or walk up a sand dune. Last year during COVID, I used old paint cans in our basement as weights for my workouts.

9. Stretch

Stretching usually is the first thing to get cut short in my workouts. If I’m in a rush to get home after a workout (usually I am) then I cut out stretching for all of life’s other responsibilities and plans. If I don’t feel like exercising on vacation, I’m usually up for some stretching!

10. Rest

Sleep! It’s an overlooked pillar of health, potentially more important than diet and exercise! If you can do anything on vacation, just sleep and sleep lots! Give your body time for recovery and rest.

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